WIP Wednesday 21/12/2011

How is it that December always goes by like this and every year we are surprised?  According to the calendar my 6 year olds have been checking off tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve!

Last week we took a 5 hour drive to spend Christmas with friends. It was an amazing time! Since Seth was going to be there that stripey sweater needed to be finished!  The last bits of weaving in and seaming were done en route.  It turned out adorable on him.

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A few tweaks, and there should be a pattern relatively soon.

Today I cast on a little sweater for P’s bear that she has been asking for, for months.  I used this pattern because I was looking for something simple.


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At first I thought I would add some lace or cables to the body, maybe a little fair isle yoke, but wisely convinced myself that with two evenings to go a stockinette version was more prudent.  I think I should finish up tonight, which means that if it’s a quiet evening tomorrow, I’ll duplicate stitch a little heart, or cloud on to the front.  We’ll see.

Teddy sweaters, smaller than baby clothes, are a wonderful way to try out new techniques.  If you’ve never made a yoked sweater I recommend giving it a try.  Some sweet shivering teddy, and his or her owner, will be glad you did.

If you are keeping track: work is still being done on the purple sweater and the garter stitch scarf.  The scarf with step by step photo instructions should be first up.

Merry Christmas to you, may there be yarn in your stocking this year.

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