WIP Wednesday 06/13/2011

For me a WIP (work in progress) is often so much more than an unfinished item on the knitting needles.

Here are a few things I have in the works for KnitLove:


Img0265wb   Img0265wb

True to colour                                            So you can see

Currently in the writing up stage.  A men’s sweater design that isn’t boxy, dark green or cabled.  A slim fit in a trendy colour.  Featuring chevrons and a V-neckline. Photo is of swatches.

Learn to Knit Scarf.


A quick, modern garter stitch scarf pattern that teaches you how to knit it as you go with step by step tutorial instructions.

Why? Because I plan to convert all my non-knitter friends into yarn obsessed needle clackers like me.  You know… like when you get married and suddenly you feel like every couple you know should also tie the knot. They’re going to love being knitters, they just don’t know it yet.



Also in the almost done stages of Seth, a gorgeous, drop shoulder, boys pattern.  I plan to write for sizes 2-12.  It been a fairly fast knit, but since it’s taken a back seat to the other projects it’s been nearly done for a week or so.

This week: Olivianne, a new pattern, was posted. Get it here, or on Ravelry.  It’s only free until January 1st, so start knitting!

There was also a new review for Gedifra Merino Ultra Grande.  If you didn’t read about how I almost blew my yarn budget for the year because of baby brain, you should.

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This week I’ve also discovered what all the hullabaloo about Pinterest is. I’ve been a pinning fool.  Are you on Pinterest? You can find me as Erron Anderson, then I can start checking out your boards too.

And lastly what are you knitting?   Share your projects in the comments.

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