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I don’t know about you, but I have a knitting cabinet where I store everything. Everything has a place, and still I have a few things I can never find. Three things come to mind.


My Tape Measure – Essential for nearly every pattern, specifically to determine gauge. In a pinch I’ve even printed off a ruler on to a sheet of paper from the internet.  Then there’s the problem of broken tapes. My little people think it’s the the coolest thing to pull out the tape and watch it get sucked back in at high speed when the retract button is pressed. Pull a tape to it’s limit and it will retract no longer.


Scissors – Okay there is a black hole in my house that eats scissors – I swear! I have haircutting scissors, fabric scissors, meat cutting scissors, kid scissors, general purpose scissors, and yarn snips. None are ever where they should be because as soon as one type is lost people use the other scissors in it’s place. It’s like a chain reaction of misplaced scissors. We must have a dozen pairs, and yet I can’t count the number of times I’ve used a paring knife to break my yarn from the ball because a not a single pair can be located.


Stitch Markers – Lift a couch cushion at my place and you’re likely to find a stitch marker. I have fancy ones (gifts) that I use primarily as a round markers now. The flexible Clover brand rings, and row markers that open like safety pins. I use the least expensive brass ring type now, mine are from KnitPicks, the ones that come in packages of 100. The others were getting too expensive to keep up with. Scrap yarn loops also make good stitch markers, I’ve knit enough of these into my projects though to prefer the ridged ring type. Stitch markers spilled onto the floor have a greater lure than the flashiest, newest, most expensive toy at my house.

Any given day, any given project, I’m likely to be frustratingly searching for one or more of these items. We won’t even talk about how I lost a work in progress for 4 days. Frustrated, ready to start it over, I finally discovered it in my knitting basket, and it was the only item in there. So maybe it’s more of a case of a lost mind than anything.

What about you? Are you a shining example of organization? Never can find anything? Or are you like me and and have particular items that can never be found?

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  1. Tanya

    I have several tape measures and can never put my hands on them either. I also can never seem to find my needle gauge. I blame gnomes ;)

    • Erron@KnitLove

      Maybe, I have Gnomes too? I was just telling a friend that my needle gauge is usually findable, likely because I have two, but mostly because the kids don’t think it’s cool, or have a use for it. Not that the kids are to blame for everything. I lose my share of things on my own, they just don’t help the matter.

  2. Lizeanne

    I can never find any of the above mentioned items when needed (i.e. stitch markers, scissors, or tape measure). These items do attract special attention from my children, not just because they are fun but because they are MOM’S – and thus off limits. Many a tantrum has been thrown by yours truly when one of my children misplaces MY special items. My solution? Buy lots and lots and spread them around. Then I’ll always find one. Just be careful when you sit on my couch – there might be a pair of small yarn snips in there somewhere :) .

  3. Monica

    I have everything in the same box, and things still magically disappear. I have no idea where they go, and sometimes I never find them again. Scissors, tape measure and stitch markers are definitely the worst. I actually lost a knitting needle in the middle of knitting a project for a friend. This was about 6 months ago. I still haven’t found it. And I’ve been through absolutely everything we own in preparation for selling our apartment and moving, so I’m pretty sure the gnomes took it too!

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