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This was a baby hat. Luckily they are quick to make. I finished the majority of it in the morning.  By the time I had it finished, I decided it was too wide and I didn’t like the purl ridges I had incorporated, though I did learn about how the very popular Turn a Square hat by Jarod Flood gets squares in a knit done in the round.

I did do a gauge swatch to try and get a hat 32cm/~13” around for a newborn. I must have been knitting at a different gauge from my swatch because that was not the case. It didn’t come out adult size or anything, perhaps 7cm/1.5” too big.

I wish now I had taken some photos to show you a few things I learned from a very simple baby hat. I thought I was done such simple learning, but sometimes the basics need to be revisited don’t they?

The yarn knits up very nice with great variegation. I really like it, though it is the same colours as our kitchen carpet that I despised growing up (yes!! kitchen carpet! What were they thinking? Certainly not of spilled milk or dropped eggs. ) It is Zitron Trekking (XXL) in colour 152.

I’m not so sure this yarn wants to be a baby hat anymore, so I’m trying to listen to what it’s telling me what it wants to be.  Maybe longies? At any rate it’s going in the cabinet, as the yarn for my Knit for Baby Class should be here in the next day or so, and I’ll have sample knitting to keep me busy.

In the end this existed as a hat only for a matter of minutes before I quickly decided it wasn’t right and gave the yarn a tug and had it unwound in a fraction of time it took to make it. I’m as impulsive of a frogger, as I am a knitter. I’m not one to keep a knit hanging about if I don’t like it.

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  1. Lizeanne

    I have learned that frogging is definitely the best option if I’m not happy with or made a mistake when knitting an item. Otherwise I hate it and it sits and sits in a corner, in a drawer, or at the bottom of a closet. The yarn will speak to you soon enough and tell you what is wants to be…

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