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This scarf was designed (as much as any one person can design a garter stitch scarf) to be a first knitting project. It requires just one stitch – knit. In fact you can find step-by-step photographic instructions in this post: Beginnings Scarf – Step-by-Step Tutorial, if you you don’t know how to knit, or if you need a refresher. It need not be just for beginners though. More advanced knitters will be able to knit this up in a evening or two. Beautiful buttons can make this ultra-simple scarf something extraordinary. Wear it under a blouse, or shirt, as a collar to add extra warmth, or wear it several different ways as a traditional scarf under your winter coat. Continue reading

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Beginnings Scarf – Step-by-Step Tutorial.

What do you do if you want to learn to knit, but you have no one to teach you? You learn! The more knitters I meet, the more I’m surprised at how many are self-taught. I taught myself to knit from a Leisure Arts booklet and I would have loved to have more detail in in the illustrations.

I have for you a simple and stylish pattern to make a garter stitch scarf. With step-by-step photos to help teach you how to knit it as you go! From cast on to cast off. If you already know how to knit the pattern is Beginnings without the lengthy tutorial. Continue reading

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Knit for Baby: Beginners Class – Bibs, Booties and Hats

This class is for people who would like to learn to knit, or for beginners who already know how to knit kinda-sorta. Take advantage of that nesting instinct, learn a new skill, and make a some darling items for baby. … Continue reading

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Knit for Baby: Intermediate Class – Lace Blanket Design

This class is for knitters who know the basics or have completed the Knit for Baby Beginners class. Wrap your baby in an heirloom. Or present a baby gift that will be cherished. Knit a blanket in a darling unisex … Continue reading

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