Submitting Your Product For Review

Do you have a product, service or event you would like to have reviewed?

To be reviewed you must submit a review request.

If your review request is accepted you will receive an email outlining where/how you can send your product, service, or event for review.

To send a review request please email

In your request please submit the following

1) Your company name and personal contact info including:



Phone Number including area code

2)Product to be reviewed, including price, and all buying options (eg as a part of a set, discounts available on multiple items, etc)

3) Send a description of the item/service/event, including pictures that may be included in the review, and if you are including a sample for a KnitLove reader give-away. Give-aways are optional, but they help to create interest in your product, also as a option you may include a limited time sales offer on your product, service or event for review readers, or for non-winners of the give-away.

4) Submit where the item/service/tickets can be purchased, please include links to online purchasing. Additionally you can provide other purchasing options if your product is available at multiple locations (store name, Amazon, your website, other website, ticket vendor, etc.)

Items will be chosen based on relvence to Knitlove reader interest, and time available to review products.

Product reviews will be honest and unbiased.

KnitLove reviews will be available for your product use. A PDF copy will be provided to you, as well as a link to your product review.

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