Printer Ink

A little back story first.

We had a printer. The printer got finicky and would display a print head error even though there wasn’t one. We went months without a printer. A new printer was purchased. It ran out of ink. We have gone weeks without a printer again. Printer ink was ordered and sent to our mail box.

Now you’re caught up.

The other day I drove into town to get the mail.  Two packages arrived. One was my business cards from Moo, the other was printer ink.

I tore in to the package from Moo right there in the van. The other I left sealed up and brought it home with the bills.

There it sat on the table while I started making muffins for my littles, when suddenly my 5 year old pipes up that the 2 year old is opening a package. Up to my elbows in flour (I’m a messy baker). I shouted above the food processor that it was okay, it was just printer ink, so they happily tore into the package while I added more ingredients.

Ohhh they’re little markers, shouts the 5 year old delightedly.

No, it’s printer ink for the printer, I say.

But they look like little crayons, she insists.

So, I wander over the table where they have the box open and I look over and she is holding a box of printer ink that looks like this:



Oh shoot, I say, trying to grab the certificate of authenticity from my paper crumpling toddler and shove the accessories back in the box. I’ve ruined a Christmas gift, but I am delighted! I can’t believe my husband actually bought them for me. A few weeks back I posted the link from Knitters Pride on Facebook with a little note for my husband about hoping Santa would bring them, but it was more of a covet than anything, I had no expectations.

When he came home I told him his gift had been ruined, and I was sorry. He had no idea what I was talking about, so I showed it to him and he found the receipt to find out who it was from.

Thank-you Evelyn! You made this knitter very happy.

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