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Hello and welcome to KnitLove, a site dedicated to all the joys of knitting including reviews of the tools, products, services, and events especially for discerning knitters. We love to provide our readers with the opportunity to learn about your product, participate in giveaways and/or receive special coupon codes.

We know that you are looking to to maximize your web presence. KnitLove will utilize cross social media post advertising including, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, if a tutorial video is added to the review, a YouTube video featuring your product may be posted.

Choosing to do a giveaway at KnitLove is a wonderful way to increase product exposure. All giveaways will include extra entries for social media sharing. Meaning that the readers of the review giveaway will help to promote your product through their social media influence.

KnitLove or its contributors will only provide honest and fair reviews based on their experiences. We strive for balanced reviews citing the pro and cons of every product, service or event. If absolutely nothing positive can be said you will receive an email in advance, and you may opt out of having your item reviewed. KnitLove will clearly state when a review has been fully or partially compensated.

All products sent to KnitLove will not be returned unless arrangements prior to the review have been made.

Please see our:

KnitLove PR Disclosure Policy 

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Our PR Disclosure Policy.

Submitting Your Product/Service/Event For Review

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