By Erron Anderson

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Olivianne is a bottom up dress done in the round, so it requires minimal assembly (just one shoulder, and the hem). It includes instructions for a shorter length for small babies and crawlers. The easy textured stitch makes for interesting knitting, while keeping it simple, and adding warmth. It is trimmed with darling picots. To top it off it can be worn with tights until it becomes too short, then switch it up with leggings, or jeans and wear as a tunic.

This pattern is $3.00 CAD from Ravelry

Difficulty Rating: Advanced Beginner

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease 1 skein taffy, colour 202 , 1 skein snow cone, colour 178, for all sizes. 75% merino wool, 25% nylon. 438yards(400m). This yarn is machine washableand dryable! A bonus when making baby items. Please note that the yarn is held double.

Gauge: 17.75sts wide x 27.5sts length wise in patterned stitch in a 4 inch(10cm) square

 Size:   3m -16 inches (40.5 cm) bust , 12 ¾ inches (50 cm) long,

6m -17 inch(43cm) bust 14 ¼ inches (56cm) long,

12m -18 inch(45.5) bust, 15 ¾ inches (61.5cm) long,

18m -19 inch(48 cm) bust, 17 ¼ inches (67.5cm) long,

24m -20 inch(51cm) bust, 18 ½ inches (73cm) long


6 US/4mm needles or size needed to obtain gauge

2-¾ inch/15mm buttons

2.75mm crochet hook

Darning needle

4-Stitch markers (1 different than the others is helpful)

Sewing needle

3-decorative buttons



 List of abbreviations:

bo-bind off,

sl-slip stitch


slm-slip marker

k2tog-knit two together

ssk-slip slip knit*


sc-single crochet

pm-place marker

yo – yarn over

rnd- round


*sl-slip stitch: when slipping for selvages on the right side, slip as if to knit with the yarn held forward, when slipping on the wrong side slip as if to knit with the yarn held in the back.

*ssk-slip slip knit: slip one stitch as if to knit, then a second, place them back on the left needle and knit both stitches together.

Other techniques needed:  Kitchener Stitch, and basic Crochet

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  2. Suzanne

    Erron, I love how you color code the stitch count on your patterns! I have finally branched away from only knitting Prayer shawls. I purchased the Whirligig Shrug from Ravelry. I’ve made one for each of my granddaughters and one niece (sizes 6 mo, 12-18mo, 8, 10, & 12). I am going to do this pattern for my 17 mo granddaughter. You are so talented. I miss you at MOPS.

    • Erron@KnitLove

      I still have my prayer shawl (of course) it often comforts sick kids and we used it as our cradle blanket when Micah was tiny. I’m sure your shrugs are absolutely adorable. I can`t wait to see your Olivianne. You can add me as Erron over on Ravelry if you haven’t found me already. I’d love to peak at your projects. I miss all of you MOPS ladies too. A lot.

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  4. Betty Jonker

    I love it! The colors are gorgeous! Can’t wait to make a couple for my granddaughters.

  5. Love this dress. Could not get the same colors but am trying a pink varigated with purple. I will show you when I am done.

    Help! . . . :-) Hi, I bought the Olivianne pattern and am having a problem figuring out the gauge. How many stictches should I cast on and how many rows to get the 4″ measurement?? Do not want to start the dress until I am sure I have the correct size needles. Thanks so much

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