Lauren Hawkeye Murray

headshot-11-300x300Lauren is a busy mom of a toddler, author, and a prolific knitter. She lives in the scenic Canadian Rocky Mountains, where she works part time at a local yarn shop.  In her spare time (if you can believe she has any) she whips up cute knit designs.

In her own words:

When I was 9 my parents hired a nanny who taught me basic garter stitch. I dropped the craft until a few years ago, when a lovely, elderly Scottish lady who I worked with at the time taught me the purl stitch. Again, I mostly dropped the craft until after the still birth at term of my first child in 2009. I needed something to do to keep busy, since I didn’t want to think, so I took up the craft again. Now I’m an addict. If I’m not holding my toddler son or writing, I am knitting.

Let’s see… what else? I get to make stuff up for a living– I’m published with NAL/ Penguin, Harlequin and Avon/ Harper Collins, as both Lauren Hawkeye and (as of January 2013) Lauren Jameson. I have a pit bull mix dog who was a rescue and is a sweetheart, and also a purebred Persian cat who, strangely enough, was also a rescue, and is possibly the dumbest animal alive (he’s super entertaining, though).

I love sock yarn with silver in it. Worsted weight will get used, but if I had my druthers, I would choose sock or sport weight every time. I don’t have much use for fancy stitch markers– I lose them.

I use circular needles for most projects, even ones knit flat, and DPNs for the rest. .I like knitting smaller projects best (hats, cowls, baby things, socks) as opposed to sweaters and blankets, though I do do a few of those per year.  I highly prefer natural fibers to synthetic, unless it’s nylon in sock yarn, which I quite like.

You can find her on Ravelry, Twitter and at her website

Lauren’s KnitLove patterns:


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