Knit for Baby: Beginners Class – Bibs, Booties and Hats

This class is for people who would like to learn to knit, or for beginners who already know how to knit kinda-sorta.

Take advantage of that nesting instinct, learn a new skill, and make a some darling items for baby. Not just for expecting moms; moms, dads, and anyone interested in learning to knit items for baby is welcome.

Become skilled at reading a pattern, casting on, casting off, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, how to yarn over, knitting in the round, picking up stitches and decrease by knitting 2 together (k2tog).

You will receive guided instruction in-studio for one baby bib, one basic baby hat, and for one pair of booties.

Minimum number of participants 2, maximum 6.  Small class size means personalized attention for learning success. Nurselings welcome.

Course Cost: $60.00

Knitting Materials: buy a kit or provide your own tools and yarn

Knit for Baby Beginners Knit Kit:$45.00


Colours from left to right: Azure Yonder, Springtime Jalapeno, Golden Cream, Queen Flamingo, Clementine Harvest, Gypsy Fiesta, Summer Begonia

Includes the 2 sets of needles needed and two balls of yarn.

  • Hiya Hiya size 7us/4.5mm 16″ cable needle
  • Brittany Birch 10″ straight needles 7us/4.5mm
  • 1 ball of Dishie 100% cotton yarn by KnitPicks 100g/174m
  • 1 skein of Swish Worsted 75% surperwash (machine washable)merino by KnitPicks 100g/201m
  • 2 row markers and 5 stitch markers

- substitutions of equal value may be mad

Or bring your own Materials:(wood or plastic needles are recommended for beginners)

  • 1 16″ size 7us/4.5mm circular needle
  • 1 set of size 7us/4.5mm needles
  • 1 ball of 100% cotton yarn 100g
  • 1 skein of of worsted yarn 100g
  • Row markers
  • Stitch markers

Currently booking for:

June session dates: Wednesday evenings, the 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th  (possible review class Dec 5th) 2012 from 7:00-9:00pm at Birth Rhythms – 248 3rd Avenue South

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Yarn Colour Choice For Kit Purchasers

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  1. Jordi

    This is totally something Id love to do but a 6-8 time would be best as Im needed for bed time

    • Erron@KnitLove

      Jordi, how disappointing. I’m sorry this doesn’t work for you. Evenings can be a bit tricky. I ran another group over 6pm and the consensus was over dinner was a bad time for many. I will consider this for my fall bookings, and see what the general feel is for 6-8.

      I’ve been needed for bedtimes too. I completely understand. I hope to see you in future.

  2. Cory

    Hi I was just wonder if you were going to offer this class again. It is something I. Would be interested in taking.

  3. Susan

    Hi, can you teach left handers ?

  4. Stephanie O.

    Looking for this class in November or the new year and wondering if there will be a class available?

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