How To Add Beads To A Project With A Homemade Beading Needle

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You can buy beading needles at any craft store, but I like my own homemade version the best. I strip the paper off a twist tie, then I bend it just off center, so one side is a smidge longer than the other, to make it easy to slip on to a loop.  It should look like a skinny V.  Slip a knit, or purl loop, into the “V” and press the top ends together to slide a bead down the needle and onto a loop. Now you can add all kinds of sparkle to your projects, with something that at my house accumulates in the junk drawer until I have so many I deem them worthless, and throw them away.

Here is how I use it (from Glimmer Beret):


1.) Knit or purl the stich, then slide the loop of yarn through the center of the v.


2.) Squeeze the v together and slip a bead over the two wires



3.) Slide bead on to the loop of yarn and slip the stitch back on to the right needle.

4.) Knit or purl the next row as usual.

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  1. Kay Lyn Chase

    Interesting technique. I only used #6 size beads with a crochet hook. This would be nice for socks where you would want a small bead…Very resourceful!

  2. How very very clever, I often wondered how they knitted the beads onto a jumper. Ty.

  3. Karen D.

    I look forward to trying this with old costume jewelry pieces. Thanks for post!

  4. Sallyane M.

    A few years back, I tackled the aeolean shawl. I did it in 3 shades of lovely sock weight German cotton. the directions said to use a crochet hook to slip beads onto the stitches. I was using seed beads, and don’t have a hook small enough for seed beads. I played with a few things and found that scrap window screen wire was an excellent tool, folded over like you show . Sometimes ya gotta McGeiver it !!!!

  5. Razia Khan

    I put the wool string in the beads holes so any,(enough beads as you require) and knit with the bead.

  6. Marny Fischer

    I am wondering about using one of those wire threaders, used for threading small eye needles.

    Hmmmm. Anyone try that method?

    I LOVE this hat – stunning.

  7. Deb

    you must be using very thin yarn for your knitting. i tried this with a worsted weight and cant pull it through the beads any ideas would be appreciated.

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