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What’s better than a gorgeous lace pattern? One that doesn’t require any complicated techniques like p3tbl. The Japanese Feather stitch pattern used makes for a very pretty end result with a pattern that is easy to memorize, and is easy to work. Though this scarf has a right and a wrong side, the back is pretty and interesting enough that it can be considered reversible – so no ugly back side to constantly flip your scarf to hide! This scarf or stole is easily modified to knit in the length and width you desire.

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Sport, 3 skeins (or more) in green apple.  60% pima cotton, 40% modal. 110 yards(100m)

Gauge: Approximately 15 sts wide by 23 sts lengthwise in stockingette stitch in a 4 inch(10cm) square. Gauge is largely unimportant, work at maintaining the same tension throughout.

Size: 54”(137cm) long by 8.5”(21.5 cm) wide blocked.


7 US/4.5mm needles

Darning needle

Blocking surface such as foam mats

Straight pins for blocking

List of abbreviations:

bo-bind off,



ssk-slip slip knit*

k2tog-knit two together

yo-yarn over


*ssk-slip slip knit: slip one stitch as if to knit, then a second, place them back on the left needle and knit both stitches together, as you would k2tog.

DSC_0022Designers Notes: This scarf pattern is really a basic suggestion. I made mine in cotton to be worn throughout the summer. I think the lace pattern would perhaps be better displayed in wool, but then again, I’m a fan of wool, and the recipient of this scarf is not. 

I also think adding 2 extra stitches in reverse stockingette (on the right side), at the beginning and end, would make for neater edges. Add 4 sts to the cast on if you would like a wider edge at the sides.

This pattern can be made as short or as long as you’d like. Width is adjustable too. The scarf is written for 4 pattern repeats if you would like it wider, add 11 sts to the cast-on for every extra panel of lace you’d like to add.  Remember, adding repeats or length adds extra yarn requirements.  Assuming you keep the same length, each additional repeat adds an extra 25% more yarn. For a more classic type stole, you should have at least 6 repeats, requiring 50% or more yarn.

The pattern is written for the scarf as shown in the picture, you have to adjust the pattern to make any changes you’d like, or that I have mentioned above.

4 Panel Hane Scarf:

DSC_0018Cast on 45 sts using the cable cast-on.

Row 1: p1,*k10, p1* to the end. (rs)

Row 2(and all even rows) : k1, *p10, k1* to the end. (ws)

Row 3: as Row 1.

Row 5: p1,*k1, (yo, k1) x3, ssk x3, p1* to the end.

Row 7: p1,*k1, (k1, yo) x3, ssk x3, p1* to the end.

Row 9: as Row 5.

DSC_0031Row 11: as Row 7.

Row 13: as Row 5.

Rows 15 and 17:  p1,*k10, p1* to the end.

Row 19: p1,*k2tog x3, (k1, yo) x3, k1, p1* to the end.

Row 21: p1,*k2tog x3, (yo, k1) x3, k1, p1* to the end.

Row 23: as Row 19.

Row 25: as Row 21.

Row 27: as Row 19.

Rows 29 and 31: p1,*k10, p1* to the end.

Row 32: k1, *p10, k1* to the end.

Repeat Rows 5-32 nine times, then repeat rows 5-16 once more.



Soak and pin-block while damp. Resist the urge to hard block this, by stretching it out as far as it will go. (or is that just me?) When blocking the yo’s should open up, but the wavy purl stitch rows should create a valley between the lace panels. Go ahead and stretch it out some, as it will retract some when unpinned, just don’t over do it.

This pattern, including all text and photos, is property of Erron Anderson. You may knit items for personal use, as gifts, or for charity. You may freely share any KnitLove free patterns provided that you provide the KnitLove link to the pattern. You may not distribute the pattern for profit, knit items for sale, or represent it as your own.




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  1. Lizeanne

    BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! This makes me want to knit lace, which I NEVER do. Great work!

  2. connie tkachuk

    Just love it!!! I think I will try this always scared of doing lace patterns but this sounds easy. I will let you know if it is.

  3. Susan

    Where are the directions for the even-numbered rows?

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  5. Beautiful pattern! Is there any advice or suggestion for an alternative with straight edges? Personally I don’t like wearing scarves or cowls with this kind of wavy edges. But I adore the pattern und would like to use it.

  6. Black and multicolor Chanel silk scarf with floral motif, logo at corner and hand rolled edges. Includes box.

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