Why would I pay for a pattern when there are so many free ones on the internet?

There are several reasons.  Patterns require many hours of work to write, so that they are available in several sizes.  My patterns are tech-edited and test-knit by others to check for errors and to ensure that each size comes out in the right proportions, thus minimizing the need for several erratas. Paying for a pattern helps me provide you with a high quality pattern that has been worked by others to be problem fee, so that you are not the knitting guinea pig.  I do offer some patterns for free, they are also tech-edited and test-knit.  If you use a free pattern please consider clicking on an ad that interests you to help generate revenue for KnitLove.

Why do all your patterns cost the same amount?

When considering what to charge for my patterns I thought on it for a long time.  I wanted the patterns to be inexpensive enough, so it wouldn’t significantly increase the cost of your project, and still be profitable enough to pay for professional tech-editing.  And while a baby pattern is shorter than that for an adult sweater, I believe 3 dollars is a great value for either. It makes deciding on a pattern less complicated, since you know they are all going to cost the same.

If I buy a pattern can I share it, or sell the item I knit from it?

No. The pattern is for your sole use.  You may knit the item as many times as you’d like, of course, for yourself, for a gift, or for charity.

How do I contribute an article or pattern of my own?

By sending it to contributions@knitlove.com. You can view guidelines here: Want To be a KnitLove Contributor?

What kind of articles may I submit?

Articles about knitting, such as a guest blog post, product review, pattern, or tutorial.

Do all submisions get published? If not, how do you chose which ones do?

No, submissions are reviewed.  You have a very good chance of being published if your article has a clear topic, is easy to read and follow, targets knitters, is proofread and reasonably error free, the subject matter hasn’t already been published on KnitLove, it is not a conflict of interest, and it is written in the format outlined in the submission requirements. All submissions will be read and considered, so give it a shot, I look forward to reading it.

How do I get my product reviewed?

Please visit our Submit Your Product For Review Page

Can I request  product review of an item that I am interested in?

Of course.  You can submit your ideas for product reviews to Erron@knitlove.com. I’ll even be sure to send you an email if your request is chosen, and a review is published.

Have other questions not listed here?  Send them to info@knitlove.com

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