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Stretched Thin – How To Create Stunning Lace By Blocking

Have you ever finished a project and thought, “Bah…I don’t need to block this”, or perhaps “I don’t know how to block, can I just skip it?” Learn how to turn your lace knitting in to a work of art with proper blocking. Continue reading

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I Invented the Three Needle Bind-Off

Nearly nothing in knitting is new. Read about how I unvented the 3 needle bind-off, Elizabeth Zimmerman style, and check out the video tutorial on how to do learn the conventional way to to preform this bind-off. Continue reading

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Knit And Crochet Go Together Like PB&J – Giveaway

A bit on why all knitter should know a tiny bit of crochet, or at least own a hook. A simple flower pattern, and a quick and simple video crochet tutorial showing you how to make a simple bobby pin into a pretty flower hair accessory. Continue reading

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Beginnings Scarf – Step-by-Step Tutorial.

What do you do if you want to learn to knit, but you have no one to teach you? You learn! The more knitters I meet, the more I’m surprised at how many are self-taught. I taught myself to knit from a Leisure Arts booklet and I would have loved to have more detail in in the illustrations.

I have for you a simple and stylish pattern to make a garter stitch scarf. With step-by-step photos to help teach you how to knit it as you go! From cast on to cast off. If you already know how to knit the pattern is Beginnings without the lengthy tutorial. Continue reading

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Horizontal to Horizontal Seam

A pictorial How To for horizontal seams. Generally horizontal to horizontal seams are used for things such as stitching shoulder seams together, or blocks of knitting for patch work blankets. The rows of knitting run vertical and you are joining two bound off or cast on edges. Continue reading

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How To Add Beads To A Project With A Homemade Beading Needle

You can buy beading needles at any craft store, but I like my own homemade version the best. I strip the paper off a twist tie, then I bend it just off center, so one side is a smidge longer than the other, to make it easy to slip on to a loop. It should look like a skinny V. Slip a knit, or purl loop, into the “V” and press the top ends together to slide a bead down the needle and onto a loop. Now you can add all kinds of sparkle to your projects, with something that at my house accumulates in the junk drawer until I have so many I deem them worthless, and throw them away. Continue reading

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