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Printer Ink

A little back story first. We had a printer. The printer got finicky and would display a print head error even though there wasn’t one. We went months without a printer. A new printer was purchased. It ran out of ink. We … Continue reading

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This hat is the perfect project for first time knitters-in-the-round. It tapers off to a cute little elfish point. Continue reading

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Well, it’s been a long time between posts, but here I am. My difficult pregnancy is over and looking back, I realize it was I who made it much more difficult than it should have been. Our darling son Judah … Continue reading

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Lauren Hawkeye Murray

Lauren is a busy mom of a toddler, author, and a prolific knitter. She lives in the scenic Canadian Rocky Mountains, where she works part time at a local yarn shop.  In her spare time (if you can believe she … Continue reading

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This Time Yesterday

This was a baby hat. Luckily they are quick to make. I finished the majority of it in the morning. By the time I had it finished, I decided it was too wide and I didn’t like the purl ridges I had incorporated, though I did learn about how the very popular Turn a Square hat by Jarod Flood gets squares in a knit done in the round. Continue reading

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Stretched Thin – How To Create Stunning Lace By Blocking

Have you ever finished a project and thought, “Bah…I don’t need to block this”, or perhaps “I don’t know how to block, can I just skip it?” Learn how to turn your lace knitting in to a work of art with proper blocking. Continue reading

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Something New

I’m not a sock knitter. I don’t have a problem with sock knitters the way some other non-sock knitters do. I don’t think it’s a waste of time, I’m just not interested. It’s the reason I’ve never made baby booties … Continue reading

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Where’s my…

I don’t know about you, but I have a knitting cabinet where I store everything. Everything has a place, and still I have a few things I can never find. Three things come to mind. My Tape Measure – Essential … Continue reading

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Accepting – part 2

If you haven’t read the first part of this post start here: Accepting Somewhere along the way, through someone’s friend follow suggestion, I added Brittany to my list of people I follow on twitter.

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One of the greatest things I have learned from my friend James (not a knitter), was the spirit of gift giving.

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