Accepting – part 2


Micah's baby blanket from his Great Aunt Roxy - Gift Receiving.

If you haven’t read the first part of this post start here: Accepting

Somewhere along the way, through someone’s friend follow suggestion, I added Brittany to my list of people I follow on twitter.

I can’t remember how it all came about really, but it did. Brittany’s twitter handle is BrittVicious, but she’s not really vicious. She can be a bit snarky and edgy, but she is quite sweet. She holds her friends close and she is generous.

After several interactions Brittany asked if she could knit me something. Honestly, I can’t remember if I said no, or if it was a flat out gift of – I am going to knit you something, which meant (if you read part 1 of Accepting) I graciously accepted.

I figured she would knit me something, I would find something to knit for her, life would be good, and the give and take of the universe would be balanced.

Then I got this great idea for writing a post about gift knitting, so I asked if she would be okay with me blogging about her. Wouldn’t you know she had a post idea for her blog – Ms. Vicious Knits, she wanted to ask me about.   She was going to put up a post and have her readers knit for me.

First of all, I am rather uncomfortable receiving gifts, but from complete strangers, who didn’t really know me? It’s not that I thought they wouldn’t do a good job. It’s that I really didn’t feel I deserved it. I still don’t.

In the end, I agreed to accept such a generous gift. After all, I figured no one who doesn’t know me is going to knit for me. Maybe, she’ll get 1 or 2 mutual twitter followers.

Then Britt started to become quite the blogger, she had projects, and blog plans on the go. I actually kind of hoped she might not get around to it, but she did, and somehow I get the feeling there are more than 2 knitters.

 I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to thank the people knitting for me, the idea that I could knit them each something back in return is daunting. The idea that people who barely know me would think I was worth their time to crank out a hand knit is overwhelming. I’m going to need to do a lot of good deeds to pay back this karmic debt. I feel unworthy, while we hardly meet the criteria for rich, we’re not poor either. I can afford yarn and accessories, food and clothing. We have the things we need and many things we want.

So, I’m left in awe of such generosity of the heart and spirit of others. I struggle with being okay with accepting it, but hey, maybe that’s my lesson in all of this. Maybe I’m not the gracious receiver I think I can be, now I’m left wondering what I can put back into this world that is as beautiful as this gift. Thank-you deeply to all who are participating, Thank-you Brittany.

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