A Prairie Romance

In my About Me I talk about my love for the prairies. Yesterday, after taking some photos for the next KnitLove project, while looking at the proofs there were some great shots that really seemed to express my prairie love – that is easier to show than explain.

Canada’s prairies include Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but when you’re talking about the quintessential prairie in Canada it’s – Saskatchewan. After all, Alberta has the Rockies, and Manitoba has all those lakes.

Saskatchewan is often teased as being Canada’s most boring province.  Too flat, too many fields, too much of the exact same thing, but I see those as some of it’s strengths.  Rolling fields, as far as the eye can see, of many colors, gold, lavender, green, yellow and grey.  Wild flowers growing in ditches in the spring and summer, in the autumn fields ripple in the wind like waves on lakes, and that vast flatness?… Well it makes for the biggest most beautiful skies you have ever seen.  In fact, we are called the Land of Living Skies.

Anyway, enough talk, more show. Here’s a sneak peak of a pattern (with knitting tutorial), that should be posted in the next couple of days. Most of these shots didn’t have enough detail of the scarf, and needed to be cropped down far too much, so they were unusable, but they are lovely as landscape shots. These are all from in my front yard. I must say this is very unusual for January, usually we have about 3 feet of snow in the field, and the idea of short sleeves outdoors would not only be ludicrous, it would be dangerous.


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This is a barn converted into a granary and believe it, or not, the smaller one is an old farm house.

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Against the granary.

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The sky is dark behind me, but the sun is blazing behind the camera making it impossible to look at. We took the feature photo at the top a few hours later see how much the sky changed?

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Back of the farm house.

Gorgeous isn’t it?  I feel so lucky to live in such a lovely and interesting place.  It may not be a tropical beach, but it is my dream life.

Oh, and finally, outtakes are fun, so here are a few. (of course you can click them to see a larger version)


Adjusting my glasses.


Wait… did you just take that? I’m not ready.


Squinting into the sun look, complete with furrowed brow, raised eye brow, forced smile and squinty eyes.

Wait my eyes were open right? (I could do a 100 shot series of these)

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  1. Monica

    Oh my goodness. I can go on (and have) for hours about what I love about the prairies! I get so upset when people say they are boring or too flat or anything negative. And the skies? I miss those skies so much I could cry just thinking about it. To me, the prairies will always be home. And I love your pictures!!!

  2. Lizeanne

    YES!!! Thank you for posting positives about the prairies. I missed living here so much when I lived in Ontario. As for the people that say we’re boring? I say we are very, very creative. We are resourceful. Look at how small that farm house is!! A whole family lived there once upon a time. We don’t need glitz and glam to have fun! Just give me two sticks and some yarn!

  3. I used to think the same about Sask. I love coming out to visit you guys and always see something new on your property. What I love about where you guys live is it’s HUGE for big get together’s with friends and family. Miss you guys a lot, was great to see you at Christmas time.

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