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Usually, when it comes to my knitting stuff, I have it somewhat all together, especially needles, I hate when I can’t find one size 7 tip, or any size 6’s, or whatever it is I might need. Lately, though, it got quite out of hand.

I don’t know what it is, but it only takes a small mound of things to accumulate, and suddenly I’m saying to myself, “I’ll get to it”.  Then that small mound isn’t so small anymore.

Today I set some of the afternoon aside to deal with my space. I didn’t think to take the before picture until I had already started, so you can imagine it was quite the mess.


Tidying up for me is one part organizing, and one part decorating. I like when my knitting area looks nice. I took all my tiny remnants and rolled them into balls. Now, I can easily find bits of yarn for seaming and provisional cast-ons, and it looks lovely.


All finished this is how it all came together.


Now that I all the yarn is together in the yarn cabinet, my oh my, do I have a lot. It may not rival the yarn stashes of many, but I consider myself a non-stasher. After today I might have to redefine myself. Much of the yarn pictured has a project planned for it. No more complaining that I have nothing to knit.


Hopefully, soon we will convert the office into a little knitting studio. Then I won’t have a couple of cabinets around the house. As always, it is time and money dependant, and it seems there is never enough of either. The plan is we’ll have it started within the next year, and I’ll be sure to share the before and afters of that too.

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  1. I love what you did with the small bits! I may need to get a glass bowl now.

  2. I love it, like your own mini yarn shop right in your own house!

  3. Looks great, now how do you keep the kids out of it??

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